Friday, September 14, 2012


Well, like I explained in my last post, my blood level, (hemoglobin) felt low. It was. I was down to a 9.3, which for most is still a good number, but because my hemoglobin drops so fast, they transfuse me early. We went in for blood work like every Thursday, and I asked for a type and screen, which is another little glass tube they draw before you get a transfusion. This test, for some odd reason, takes FOREVER to come back, so I try to get it done periodically so that I won't have to wait too incredibly long, if it is, in fact low. 
   Once I got the call for my results, I asked Pat, my nurse that tells me my magic number,  if I could be transfused. She worked her magic and several hours later, I was at MD Anderson getting my IV started. 
  Now, no one will ever understand, unless you've been through it yourself, how much difference there is in a low hemoglobin, and a normal hemoglobin. Low feels like every step you take, uses triple the amount of energy it's supposed to. I literally had to catch my breath today walking around the ginormous hospital. So, once they gave me my premeds, (Tylenol, and Benadryl) to keep me from having an allergic reaction to the blood, they hook up that cold, dark bag, or what I like to call, liquid energy, and for two to three hours, they pump me full of it. All the while, the area that the blood is entering, is FREEZING!!! I received two bags of the good stuff, this time. In normal circumstances, that should bring me up to an 11.3, since I was a 9.3 this morning. Hopefully, after blood work tomorrow, it'll be a good number. I gotta be energized to go to the cooking expo! I can't be carrying around samples with no energy, right? 
   Since I believe the power of prayer is the strongest medicine there is, I just want to thank y'all all for praying. Even if it's just a simple, "Lord, give her a little energy" prayer, I thank y'all so much. Because it works. I was able to go in today, outpatient, and receive my liquid energy, without any complications. He is a wonderful God. He really is. 

I found a quote a while back, supposedly by Paula Deen (who knows who it's really by, it IS the Internet after all) it said, 
"I'm more of a spiritual person, than a religious person, I go to the beach, not church" and you know what? That's how I feel. I like to be around something amazing, that God has made, and bask in it. That's what makes me feel like He's right there with me. And when I sit back and think about the wonderful things He's done for me, and the amazing life He's created for me, I can't complain at all. I have faith that this is all happening for a reason, and that I, along with so many, will beat this terrible disease, and If some of us don't beat it before our time comes, we'll pass on the toughness, the spirit and strength and show people how to be thankful, no matter what. Because He is good. 

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains, remember? If thats true, then think about all  you can do with copious amount of faith. And then do it!


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