Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A FINE day of Thrifting.

I just recently was admitted in the hospital for bleeding. It's kind of a normal with my type of cancer, and I've dealt with it before, we know when it's about to happen, depending on how I'm feeling, and all, but it's still a really scary experience.. My hemoglobin levels drop fast and down really low. I normally need a blood transfusion after this, so they keep me at MD Anderson for a good while. This trip was 6 days long. I got home Monday around 1:00 in the afternoon, and I took it easy, considering they really don't let you sleep in hospitals lol, they like to do blood work and weigh you at 4:00am and then leave you alone for the most part, in the middle of the day. So I took a nap, and watched Rocky 1 and 2 (haha) and then I ate a little dinner, went to "go to bed" and was awake until 5:30 am! I did get to watch 3 of the intervention shows back to back, how exciting! Lol 
So when I woke up today, me and Mama loaded up to go to the Woodlands and got my blood work done, to make sure the blood transfusion had done it's job and the blood stayed in me, (since it was "leaving" me before.) Blood work came out GREAT! 12.0! (which, for me, is fantastic, because at a normal I'm maybe a 9.5-10.0. It can range at a normal rate, from 12-15 in others.)  So I decided, since I was feeling up to it, and this old house heats up like crazy in August,no matter how hard the ac blows, that Mama and I should go and steal some AC, and go "thrift storing". And we did. And boy did I hit the jackpot! I found this awesome, vintage,15 piece Japanese, hand painted, dainty, dainty tea set! It even has the hidden geisha in the cups and all. I got it for a steal, too!Which is even better. You couldn't even imagine my excitement. 

I bought other things, too, but this tea set just out weighs them all to me. 

We had a VERY productive thrift store shopping trip, today. And I couldn't be happier with what I found. 

^^This is the cup, when lifted up to the light. ^^
I can't find this dang tea set ANYWHERE online, so if anyone happens to come across is, let me know. I know it's worth a lot, but obviously I wouldn't sell it, I already love it too much. And I haven't even drank tea from it! ;)

Just goes to show, that you never know what you're going to find in those stores, so why not check them out?!

My favorite thrift stores, are the Family Thrift chain stores. They even have a members card that you can use through the week, to get a discount on Sundays! 


  1. Jess.... I was at that thrift store the day before you! I don't mind telling you how jelly I am! AMAZING find! Nosa thinks you should take it to the antique roadshow :)

  2. I know! I need to look it up and see when they come next!