Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My very first blog post.. Exciting!!!


   Well, I've never blogged before.. Didn't even read blogs until the infamous Pinterest! 
But I figure I should give it a try.. I guess I'm interesting LOL! I really don't know. 

So...........................................here it goes!
About little ol' me;
   I'm Jessica Schwausch. I'm 20, soon to be 21. I'm an old soul, to say the least. I love the things of the past. You could say I was born in the wrong time period. I'm different from most people my age.. I'm not into the latest trends.. I can't stand the plastic 80's style glasses, I think vampires should've been left alone at Dracula, and the "mummy feet" shoes everyone's into these days are just terrible. (For those of you who don't know what mummy feet shoes are, they're TOMS) Lol, I apologize if I offend anyone for that, but it's the truth. They just look like mummified feet! Ew! Moving on now.. 
   I was diagnosed in 2010 with a rare cancer, GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumor, GIST for short. It's in my stomach, and it moved to my liver. I do the whole chemo, and MD Anderson thing. I do well for the most part. I have a strong will to stay as healthy and lively as possible.. So I'm not giving up without a fight. It's been a slow, long battle, with very little improvement.. But I have a devastatingly positive attitude, and that will not change. ~"Save A Tummy!!! Gone Periwinkle!"~
   I'm what you call, a spiritual person. I love God, I know that He is my savior. He is working within me to spread the gospel. I won't push it on anyone, because I've seen from experience, that that pushes some people away even more. I just know that one day, I'm going to live forever, in heaven, with no more pain, or hurt. Faith is how I get through my life, and if THAT offends you, I don't think you should be on my blog.
  Some other hobbies I enjoy could include, that I love sewing. And crocheting.(I'm not great at it, just a beginner, can't even read the patterns!) Not to mention I'm obsessed with food, and the art of making it. Anything! I love to bake, and to fry, and sift, flip, whisk, taste, and anything else you can think of that has to do with making something taste fantastic. I'm not much on making things look really pretty, I'm a purist,and I like things old fashioned, like your granny would've made. (Old soul, remember?) I love to craft. All sorts of stuff. I just wing it for the most part, and it normally turns out pretty dang good! And not to forget, I go NUTS in thrift stores. I love them. (It's a love hate thing, honestly, I really don't need 90% of what I buy, but I love it all!)
   Another big part of my life is that, I love my family. More than this world, and everything in it. They keep me laughing. The word family to me, includes way more than just my relatives. I have people in my life that I consider family, that are NO WHERE NEAR related to me. I have a big family, and we are so, so close. We get together for every little event, whether it's a "hospital homecoming," birthday, or even just the "let's eat some good food" party, we do it. And we do it up big! We always have good, home cooked food, laughter, teasing, joking, and just plain enjoyment, when we're around each other. (Cheesy isn't it?) But we pride ourselves on it. Not many people can say that they had 48 people at a Mexican restaurant when they got out of the hospital, but I can. And that was just the immediate family! I don't know what I'd do without them in my life. 
   I'm not married. But I AM dating a true southern sweetheart. I love him. And I even LIKE him most of the time! That's something to be said! Lol His name is Garrett Lunsford. And he stole my heart November 6th, 2010. We went out dancing for my 19th birthday. And my best friend, Derek, brought him along for the fun. Little did I know, he was gonna sweep me off my feet like he did. And it's been a whirlwind since then. December 4th, is our "anniversary" we'll be together 2 years this year. (if you didn't want to do the math)
   This blog is going to be a place that I can share my home cooked food, my crafts that turned out, and that didn't, my trial and error in every little thing that I do. I have no idea how to do this the "right" way, but I'll wing it, just like everything else. 
   Now, if you actually read all that and made it alllllll the way down here to the bottom of this post, I'd like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for actually getting into it. If anyone has any suggestions that would help me make it a little more enjoyable for them, let me know! I'll do what ever I can, since I really do appreciate that you're reading this little thing I've created. 

(stephanie jones photography, look her up!


  1. I read it all and i enjoyed it . I love talking to you and spending time with you . My little old soul you are mature beyond your years and you amaze me . I cant wait to read more .keep it up , ya know this is how Julia and Julia got started and made into a movie . Who knows you may be sharing your story in a movie one day ! I love you keep inspiring

    1. aww thanks Kathy! :) I love y'all! We need to plan a little beach vacation soon!

  2. AWWW My Sweet Angel I am So Happy You Started a Blog and So many Things I Love about You :)We are so Blessed having You in Our Life and You are so Right You Touch Peoples Life in Ways You cannot even begin to Imagine..You have a Beautiful Tender Soul and Your Faith in God is such a Inspiration to All ..Keep Fighting and Never Lose Hope and Know You have a Ton Of People who Love you and Will Always be here with You as You continue this Journey <3 I Love You and Your Mama to Pieces!!

    1. Thank you Mrs.Rita! :) We need to get dinner soon!

  3. Jessica this is truly amazing(just like you)! Well of course I cried reading it...But you know me...I am so proud of the lady you have become! You are an Inspiration to so so many people,You Inspire me daily! I look at you and I feel so PROUD to say you are My Daughter, My Baby, My only Girl! Its true you have an old soul!Family time is always my favorite time. We have a very loving family. I am Proud of each and every one of them! You remind me so much of me when I was growing up..I was always old at Heart too! I am VERY PROUD OF YOU! Jessica...I Love you beyond words...

    1. This was from my Mama lol :) She got on here and I was still logged on.

  4. Awesome job Jessica! You spoke from your heart, you were honest and stayed true to yourself. You are a true inspiration. God bless you Jessica forever and ever.